Today was my first attempt with a moldable portable tripod…no bueno. I struggled trying to wrap it around something at the perfect angle and it really just took too many precious minutes away from my life. I could’ve gone on a run, or done some laundry, or just eaten some cheese (the winning option). I’ve definitely gotta get a standing one. If you know of a good one that isn’t heavy and can transport easily – please let me know!! Ben and my various beautiful and helpful friends can’t always run around after me and take my picture.

Peasant Tops in Charleston

I really love embroidered tops and dresses this season. I’ve always been drawn to peasant tops and patterns but it seems like there are some really great options out right now! The top I’m wearing is from Madewell and is ON SALE right now (link below!). I’ve also linked a few other peasant tops I’ve got my eye on! 🙂


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