Few things put me in a better mood than Sunday brunch.

Waking up on such a pretty day in Charleston is the best. It makes me excited for the school year to be over, my teaching duties to be on pause, and to spend more time traveling and enjoying my city. Ben and I enjoyed walking around and doing some shopping and finally found our way to an old reliable –  Co – an excellent Vietnamese style noodle bar serving banh mi and other delicious Asian-inspired dishes. The Ga Pho and the Fresh Summer Rolls are my absolute favorite!!

We finished the day listening to music at The Vendue Roof Top bar . I can always count on this place for a great time. The view is almost unparalleled in Charleston.

I have never been stopped by so many strangers for compliments on my shoes! Some people even thought I made them which I would have loved to been able to take credit for! The  purple beaded earrings I wore are actually from Rent the Runway. I rented them for a wedding the previous night but I was so in love I just HAD to wear them at least one more time. I’m still kicking myself for not taking any pictures at the wedding because it was such a beautiful night celebrating one of my favorite couples but I just chalk that up to how much fun I was having! I also rented the pink dress I have linked below. It was such a romantic and elegant dress and I really felt beautiful wearing it all night! I have had such good luck with Rent the Runway! Sometimes I spend a lot of money on a gorgeous dress for an event and I only wear it ONCE. I keep telling myself I’ll wear it again but then it just sits in the back of my closet until I finally decide to give it away. With Rent the Runway, you can feel better about spending a small amount on a high quality item that you already know you won’t wear more than once. (I promise I have not been paid to write this post!! Even though it sounds like it! haha) However, it hurt me a little bit to have to put those earrings back in the bag and send them away – so I went searching for duplicates! I found some pretty similar ones for a third of the price of the Oscar de la Renta ones (linked below). If anyone can find more dupes, please let me know! I would love to own them in every color! 🙂

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